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Restoring  true Bible Time and true Bible words are some of the main topics of this web site. This revised web site is now near twenty two years old.   All our Bible research books and tracts are available at no charge, but if you copy or reprint these articles they must be kept in context. If you disagree on anything considered important, please e-mail me at All materials are copyrighted.      

All E-books are in PDF (e-book) format and most are available as MP3 audio books.

Some files may take a while to open due to their large size. Please first Download and then save them to your hard drive before opening. Right-click, save target as. We appreciate your patience.

Note: According to Prophecy The Catholic Church has changed some important Bible names to blasphemous names  that are  purposely designed to deceive the saints of God in the entire Christian world by changing Bible name definition. See Revelation chapter 17:3b  She the Catholic Church is full of names of blasphemy,

Our intent is to help to fully restore true of these very important Bible words to the Christian world. The Bible resurrection day of the Christ was change from “Day One” to “Sunday.”  This word change has completely eliminated the true resurrection moment of the Christ. The Bible word “Ekklesia” was completely changed to a “Church.” This change has completely removed polemic debate from the called out Assembly.  See article below “Who Started your Church.” The name of “Y’ehsus” was changed to “Jesus.” If you know of important word change in the Bible records then help us to restore truth in Bible word definition so we can have truth and all Christians speak the same thing. E-mail  

Hear this  song About God in His time  MP3      Words (Lyrics) for this Song  In his time PDF 

Bible Time And The Supper Hour That God Has Set To Worship-  MP3

Book The Awesome Supper Times of God
 MP3 Download Download PDF
May take several minutes to download.  A near life time of Analytical Bible research about certain awesome events of God that took place in the night, in the Evening at or near the beginning of the Day of God at His hour for Supper. You will be amazed what God has done at His most awesome supper times.
Read this the Short version  A must read article the Awesome supper hour of God All Christians should know this truth
   MP3  Download    Download PDF
Short version of the Book Awesome supper hour of God
The Bible Time Conspiracy
Download PDF
An analytical Bible Study of Bible Time Showing How God Measures His Bible Time And His Set Times To worship. Then compare How the most wicked false Bible translators -remove the natural time from the Bible records and then they add The Ancient Religion of Pagan Time Keeping To The Bible Records
The awesome Sign Y’ehsus gives In Three Days And After Three days and Nights (six parts of days and nights)
MP3  download     Download PDF
Shows That Y’ehsus Did Not Lie, Do you teach that the did? False Translators Make Him Appear to be a liar..
The Passion of Y’ehsus Illustrated
Download PDF
Using the precise astronomical Bible records from the ancient Bible languages and the amazing astronomical Stellarium “Distant Suns, This is a chronology of The Bible records showing  the actual death burial and resurrection moment of Y’ehsus (Jesus) A large file takes a few minutes to load but I promise you will be Amazed when you see Truth of the death Burial and the resurrection of Y’ehsus.

The Lord’s Passover Supper Memorial

The Prophecy of The coming Holy Solemnity  or The Lord’s Passover Supper Memorial
Download PDF
Y’ehsus (translated Jesus) He is our Song in the Night when the Holy Solemnity of God is kept.    A “Holy Solemnity” is an awesome set time event of God a time He has set to worship in memorial showing what He has done for us.
Consequences for making a FALSE Lord’s Supper
Download PDF
A warning about making a false worship and then calling it “The Lord’s Supper.”
Trusted Comments of the Bible Scholars about  the correct time of the day to Break Bread In  Acts 20:7
Down    load       MP3                                      Download PDF
Comments From The Most Trusted Bible Scholars About Disciples Gathering in Troas to “Break Bread”  and the corrected Bible Time of the night of Day One (Saturday night) To Celebrate The Passover Supper of the Christ.
The Definite Lord’s Passover Supper
Download PDF
The Analytical Bible Study Showing the Difference between observing the Definite Lord’s Passover Supper  Contrast to making the false artificial indefinite figurative “Lord’s Supper” at the Breakfast hour of the Christ, on the false Bible day of the sun god or on Sunday Morning.
The Passover Type And the Passover Ante-Type
Download PDF
The Old Testament Passover type contrast to New Testament Passover Ante-Type of Y’ehsus (Jesus). This article is many years of Bible research.  Many convincing sermons can be made from this work.
The Wicked Sins of Eating A Lord’s Supper at God’s hour for Breakfast MP3 Download       Download PDF
Do you make a “damnation” sin when you make a false Lord’s supper for Breakfast of “Jesus” on the day of the Sun god or Sunday?  Read this article and take the serious warning.
The Awesome Supper Hour of God MP3 Download
Y’ehsus (mistranslated Jesus) has invited you to come to his Passover Supper at the same true resurrection “supper hour” He has justified you or the same hour He has passed over you from your sins and has Fathered your dead spirit to life and made you holy
Know What The Awesome Supper Hour of God is  MP3     Download PDF  
This record condensed from E-book “Awesome supper times of God”.


What Bread? What Fruit of the Vine?
MP3        Download PDF 
In keeping the Passover Supper of Jesus our  God gives a certain type the bread of gladness  that is to be eaten when we celebrate the Passover of Jesus or his “Lord’s  supper.”



Other Bible Studies

Are We Saved By Our Human Works?
Download PDF
Satan and His disciples tell you that if you have only good works for God  they are of no more value to you or to God than “just filth rags”.  Do not be deceived by Satan and his disciples if you refuse to do the works of God you will not be saved.
Baptism or Buried in water -Which?
Download PDF
A Study of The Benefits of Baptism.  Were You Buried in water and and coming  up out of the water was your spirit placed into the resurrection moment of Y’ehsus and Begotten or Fathered to life again and raised Into the awesome Resurrection moment of Y’ehsus?
Have You Been Iced from the heat and For Eternal Glory?
Download PDF
(Baptism Related) This article is about the true purpose of burial in water. There is a spiritual war between men who teach plain truth about the purpose of our immersion in water (baptism) and those who deny what the scriptures plainly teach what the purpose is for our Immersion in water -unto. Just one little mistranslated Bible word “for” that can deceive multitudes
A Eulogy Made For The Dying Christmas Tree
Download  mp3            Download PDF
All you need to know about the many sins of keeping Christmas and killing the tree because Jesus was born. God says 2Cor 6:17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
God’s Day One of the Sabbaton vs the Pagan artificial day named  Sunday a Bible day of the week of seven sky gods
Download PDF
Your salvation may depend on knowing truth about how God measures His first day of creation He names in the Greek “Day One of the Sabbaton.”  Don’t be deceived by wicked Bible translators.
Divorce Laws of God
MP3  Download   Download PDF
This analytical Book is The  most comprehensive Bible study about God’s laws concerning unlawful divorce.  All records from the most ancient  manuscripts of the ancient languages of the Bible.
Blessings in Unlawful Divorce
MP3 Download     Download PDF
This is a Bible study made to comfort those Christians who are divorced against God and against their will.
A Divorce Letter
MP3 Download      Download PDF
This is the divorce lamentations of A. Eunuch. The Letter is teaching a lesson in -lawful divorce and remarriage of two divorced and remarried Christian People.  If you like a good teaching story that reveals truth — read this.
Does The Infinite God Exist? Download Mp3


Download PDF
A Reply To All Atheists Who Hate The  Thought of The Infinite God of Creation
God’s Plan of Salvation for the obedient believer
Download MP3            Download PDF
An Analytical Bible Study With Scriptural Evidences That Proves How God Saves The Sinner.
Humility is a required prerequisite unto Salvation
Download MP3


Download PDF
Humility is an analytical Bible Study that shows the need for this Necessary Prerequisite created in the human emotion or the Condition of the heart necessary for Salvation
Is The Bible From God?
Download PDF
My -proof in A Reply to all atheists and Bible Agnostics that the Bible is God breathed.
What is a Bible Legalist compared to a Bible illegalist?
Download MP3    Download PDF
A Study in the doctrine or legalities of God That Saves All Men.   Beware, The God of the Bible Is righteous or He is The Bible Legalist! If you want to judge anyone for excessive Bible doctrine then, to be correct you must choose a different word such as “illegal.”
The Case Against Gay Marriage
MP3 Download Download PDF
What constitutes a legal Marriage in the United States is against gay sodomites.
One Church or one Ekklesia of Christ
Download PDF
Shows what the Ekklesia of Christ is.  How do we get in. How do we stay in the Ekklesia.
To become One With God
Download PDF
A Study of The Hebrew Yahad or The Oneness With God
Are we the fallen Angels? The Preexistence of The Spirit of Man
MP3 Download    Download PDF
A Bible Study In The -Possibility of the Preexistence of The Unseen Spirits of Men And Women
In the Bible Greek there are Five -5- Emotions of the Heart Called Love- What are they?
Download PDF
God Looks at the heart.  God makes His judgment of man from the heart or from the seat of emotion in the type of love the Spirit of man creates. So what type of love do you create to motivate you to do what you are now doing?
Truth What is it and who determines what truth is?
Download PDF
Y’ehsus said know the truth and the truth will make you free.  But what is truth?   We give the most clear definition of what the truth from God is.
Where Are The real Jews?
Download PDF
The blood race of Jews are as hard to find today as are the ancient Dinosaurs
Who Started Your Church? 
Download PDF
Truth is Y’ehsus (mistranslated Jesus) said He would edify  -his Ekklesia and he did -not say he was building a “church” as is falsely translated in your Bible nor as is defined in your English dictionary.  Y’ehsus did not establish a “church” that exists without polemic debate to determine truth or the law of God.
Woe or a curse to that man Why did Christ knowingly choose a Devil named Judas?
Download PDF
Did it ever occur to you why Y’ehsus chose a Devil Judas to evangelize, give him power to cast out demons, allow to carry the bag of money, walk, sleep and worship with him?  Was the purpose of a Judas only to fulfill prophecy or to teach us how to co-exist with the “Church Judases?”
 Adding Instruments of Music To The Worship   MP3       PDF
 How to identify all religious “church” whores Download MP3      PDF









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